Oil Change service Thousand Oaks, Ca

westlake-independent-oil-changeThe engine is the heart of any motor vehicle and must be maintained with the proper amount and type of motor oil. At Westlake Independent, we strive to get the best performance out of your engine.

Oil filter change

Since 1988, Honda and Acura vehicle drivers from the Conejo Valley to Malibu and beyond have trusted our expert mechanics. At Westlake Independent, we use the exact oil filter recommended by the factory for your Honda or Acura car, sport utility vehicle, van, or truck every time we perform an oil filter change.

Motor oil types

Nowadays, contemporary motor oil has several viscosities so it moves well through your engine in both cold and hot temperatures. If you travel from a cold climate to a hot climate, your motor oil will continue to maintain the best performance and doesn’t need to be changed in preparation for winter months. The W in motor oil viscosity, for example 5w20, indicates the oil has been tested at a colder temperature so it will flow well through your engine at cold temperatures as well as hot temperatures.

So keep your money and avoid name brand synthetic oils unless your Honda or Acura vehicle is a model that requires these motor oil types such as the turbo charged Acura RDX and other late-model Honda and Acura vehicles that require synthetic blends.

When to change your oil in the Thousand Oaks area

You will still need to perform oil changes as well as other Acura and Honda scheduled maintenance at regular intervals determined by driving conditions, driving habits and the age of the vehicle. Seasonal maintenance must be considered, especially during our hot summer months, and many people from the Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks and Agoura Hills area have lengthy work commutes. Also, don’t forget to consider travel plans when scheduling oil changes and other maintenance for your Honda or Acura vehicle. Those summer escapes to the beach and winter getaways to the mountains can add significant mileage and put strain on your car. Back-to-school time can be another important occasion to plan automotive maintenance for the student in your life. It’s usually most efficient and easier to change your oil at the same time other maintenance is performed as part of your Acura or Honda care plan.

Today’s Honda and Acura vehicles do not require a “tune-up” in the traditional sense of the word for the first several years of ownership. However nowadays, tune-ups are more about maintaining the entire car and not just the engine.

You’ve likely been told that it is recommended that you change your oil every 3000 miles or so. Yet, late-model Honda and Acura vehicles can go farther than that. The catch is that other important factory scheduled maintenance is due more often, and a service inspection of your Honda or Acura vehicle should be performed at least three times per year. It usually makes sense to change the oil at the time of tune-ups or other maintenance.