Disc and Drum Brake Repair for Honda and Acura vehicles in Thousand Oaks, CA

westlake-independent-brake-repairA large number of Honda and Acura vehicles come from the factory with both drum and disc brakes. All Honda and Acura vehicles have disc brakes fitted on the front wheels at least, while some models have disc brakes fitted on all four wheels. (For example, the Honda Accord EX falls into this latter category as well as all Acura vehicles.) You may notice that there is a significant amount of heat emitted from the disc brakes coming in contact with your wheels. This is caused by the friction used to slow or stop the car. To avoid getting too hot, many brakes are vented. This venting is especially useful when driving the hills and canyon roads in the Conejo Valley (including Westlake VillageThousand Oaks and Agoura Hills) as well as nearby Malibu.

All Honda and Acura autos that come into Westlake Independent have come off the production line with at least one pair of disc brakes. Some manufacturers in the distant past produced vehicles with two sets of drum brakes, that is to say drum brakes on both the front and the rear axles of the vehicle. These vehicles do not use calipers to squeeze against a disc but instead use shoes in the shape of an arc. The shoes are pushed apart using hydraulic fluid pressure provided by the driver’s foot on the brake pedal. Hydraulic fluid pressure is pushed from the master cylinder to the wheel cylinder and then in turn provides outward pressure pushing the shoes apart into the inside of a drum which is attached to the wheel. Thus, the car slows and stops.

Brake Fluid for Honda and Acura Cars, Trucks and SUVs

The amount of force on the brake pedal needed to stop a vehicle is lessened due to the varying sizes of the hydraulic cylinders. For instance, the master cylinder piston is smaller in diameter than the caliper piston, creating greater force with less movement at the caliper. This fluid pressure is moved through a series of rigid steel lines and flexible hoses.

Maintaining proper levels of brake fluid is important. The brake fluid must also be free from air bubbles because air compresses while fluid does not. Therefore, air bubbles in the brake fluid cause the need for more brake-pedal pressure as well as travel. Such air bubbles could be introduced to the system through a leak in a line, hose or cylinder and must be repaired promptly for the vehicle to remain safe to drive. After leaks have been repaired, the mechanic must flush and bleed the air from the brake hydraulic system completely to eliminate remaining air bubbles.

Brake Pad Types

There are many types of brake pads available to use on your Honda or Acura car. Organic and metallic are the most commonly used. Metallic pads may be better suited to larger, heavier vehicles that will produce more heat while braking. Metallic pads reduce brake fade, which is the loss of braking power at high temperatures. Today’s modern brake pads and shoes are more environmentally friendly than in the past when asbestos was used, and they meet strict government environmental guidelines. At Westlake Independent, we use the best-suited brake pads and shoes available. Genuine Honda or Acura brake parts are usually the most appropriate, considering vehicle type as well as driving conditions and habits.

Brake Noise

Regardless of what brake pad types your automobile employs, we at Westlake Independent want you to be informed and aware of the potential wear and damage related to your vehicle’s brakes.

This is for your safety. Over time, the heat and friction fades away the brake pads, regardless of whether the pads are metallic, organic or any other type. Because they wear out, most brakes feature a metallic indicator that causes a notorious “squealing” sound whenever you put your foot on the brake pedal. As time passes, if this sound is ignored and you continue to push on the brakes while they are worn, you’ll notice an alarming sound akin to metal grinding. This sound informs you that the pad has worn down to the rotor, and you’re causing serious harm to the rotor. A rotor is far more costly to replace than a set of brake pads.

You can trust the Honda and Acura auto specialists at Westlake Independent to address any brake issues and keep your car performing at its best.

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