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westlake-independent-auto-repair-caSince 1988, Honda and Acura owners in the Conejo Valley and beyond have trusted Westlake Independent with the care of their vehicles. Whether your Honda care plan calls for a rebuild, repair, or just a little “tune-up,” we keep quality service and the value of your vehicle in mind as the two most significant priorities when we perform all repairs and maintenance. Our ASE certified expert mechanics do it all: Acura and Honda scheduled maintenance, thorough inspections, seasonal maintenance, transmission work, oil filter changes, disc and drum brakes and brake pads, and so much more.

Years ago, a mechanically-inclined driver might have been tempted to address some vehicle service him or herself. Today’s vehicles, however, require a high degree of expertise to maintain properly. Some comforts, such as air conditioning and heater systems, require precise calculations and handling dangerous elements and can be extraordinarily difficult to accurately maintain. So please, leave it to the highly-trained specialists at Westlake Independent. Before you try to address brake noise or change your oil, call the experts on Acura and Honda factory scheduled maintenance. We have dedicated our careers to the care of Honda and Acura vehicles, and we know just what your vehicle needs.

Come to us and find out why Westlake Independent is the most trusted shop for Honda and Acura vehicle care in the Conejo Valley. Our goal is for you to love Westlake Independent so much that you’ll only want to own a Honda or Acura vehicle so you can continue to enjoy our service. Indeed, many of our customers tell us that they will only drive Honda or Acura vehicles and strongly recommend these cars to their family and friends in the area because of Westlake Independent.

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Here’s an unusual Westlake Independent fact: our technicians are not paid on commission or flat rate, so they have no incentive to sell you something your car does not truly need. Can other shops or the dealer say the same? You can trust us! For the best in Honda and Acura vehicle service in Westlake Village and surrounding areas (including Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills and Malibu), call the experts at Westlake Independent today!